We are a team that develops business strategies. We design solutions with clear, objective and functional messages.

LEGG UP Marketing’s founders, Lelia and Elsa, have a friendship of over 20 years. Even though their professional backgrounds in business and engineering may seem different, they complement each other. After earning formal education at the top schools in the country, Harvard University and the University of Texas, they decided to combine their training to form a multinational digital advertising agency to help Hispanic businesses in the United States. LEGG UP Marketing was created to help small businesses discover their digital marketing potential while focusing on their business goals.

120Complete projects
90Happy Clients
50New projects

Our Mission

Provide business owners the freedom to run their business while we develop their brand, strategy and marketing through creative content and original solutions.

Our Vision

To create economic opportunity for all enterprises by driving development through digital marketing.

Legg Up Marketing Digital is the Best Commercial Company with which we have worked, highly recommended for companies of all sizes.

We have Legg Up Marketing services since 2019. We are very happy with the treatment, the way of working and the speed with which they have responded whenever there has been a problem.

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